Guitar Holds Set (SE #2)


One-of-a-kind set of holds made from an electric guitar body. Crimps and pinches of various sizes, incuts and contours.

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A completely one-of-a-kind set, these climbing holds were made from an electric bass guitar body with irreparable damage. All intact portions of the guitar body were transformed into several different holds designed to keep the original aesthetic of the instrument intact.

There are crimps and pinches of all shapes and sizes included, all unique and shaped by hand. The holds include a wide variety of thicknesses, incut angles and contoured shapes. Large edges and pinches were formed from the outer body. The internal body (housing the bridge and pickups) were divided into smaller pinches, crimps and nubs. The neck was portioned into several thin pinches while keeping the frets and fretboard intact, and the guitar head was portioned into 3 contoured crimps.

Large holds can be mounted with a standard wall bolt, while smaller crimps must be screw mounted. The full set is broken into four groups of holds, onlt one available of each group. These holds are appropriate for intermediate to expert climbers, depending on your wall angle and preferred climbing style. Contact Us if you have any other questions about the holds.

Note that there is only one set of these climbing holds available. What you see in the pictures are all the holds included (not including the carabiner, pictured only for size). This set will certainly be a star feature on your climbing wall!


Climbing is inherently dangerous and is performed at the climber’s own risk. By purchasing this product you are accepting the terms listed in our Disclaimer.

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 4 cm
Hold Group

Guitar Body, Large Pinches and Edges (6 holds), Guitar Body, Small Crimps and Pinches (8 holds), Guitar Head, Crimps (3 holds), Guitar Neck, Fretboard Mini-Pinches (5 holds)


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