Caveman Climbing Holds

All Caveman Climbing holds are individually hand made, providing a unique climbing experience with every hold. Whenever possible, holds are designed for use with multiple grip types to encourage route setting creativity and provide extra value to you. Hold options let you choose your desired thickness, incut angle and size to best fit your climbing style, wall angle, and training goals.

The Maker

I’m Kevin, and I created Caveman Climbing to provide functional and affordable climbing holds primarily for personal training and home gym use. After almost 10 years climbing, and woodworking for most of my life, making wood climbing holds joins two of my great passions.

I employ environmentally conscious design and construction methods, source local material whenever possible, minimize waste and avoid using harsh chemicals or resource-intensive tools.

Wood Climbing Holds

Wood climbing holds are easier on the hands during long climbing sessions, as they do not rob your hands of as much skin or chalk as gritty plastic holds.

You can adapt wood holds to your climbing style or training goals, using rough sandpaper to enable more friction, or fine sandpaper to require more body tension to keep contact with the hold. And if you’re feeling creative, you can further shape the holds to your preference with woodworking tools.

Custom Climbing Holds

We can make your custom hold designs! If you need a hold with a particular incut angle or size to match your climbing goals, or have a completely original idea that no one has seen before, Contact Us with your design to see what it will take to turn your idea into reality.