Caveman Climbing Disclaimer

Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. Climbers participate in climbing and climbing training activities at their own risk. Do not attempt climbing without proper equipment and instruction from a professional. To reduce the risk of damage and injury make sure all climbing holds, training equipment, the wall itself, and appropriate safety protection measures (harnesses, ropes, floor padding, etc.) are setup properly and securely.

Bolt holds to the wall securely using included washers between the hold and the bolt head. Use set screws for all applicable holds to reduce the chance of holds spinning. For screw-mount-only holds (no bolt hole present), mount the holds to the wall with a screw in every screw hole present on the hold. If any hold is not properly secured to the wall make sure all bolts and screws are present and properly secured. Do not over-tighten bolts or set screws.

If a hold is not secure after the bolt and all set screws are installed, consider drilling additional set screw holes and install additional set screws as required. Inspect all climbing holds and training equipment prior to use, and do not use damaged or insecure equipment. Determining if equipment is safe is the responsibility of the climber.

Climbing and training for climbing indoors involves risks including, but not limited to: spinning holds, spinning t-nut anchors, failed t-nut anchors, failed set-screws, holds or pieces of the wall breaking, safety equipment not set up properly, lack of or uneven floor padding. Climbing can lead to serious injury or worse. Caveman Climbing cannot be held liable for any damage or injury that may be caused by, or result from, the use of Caveman Climbing products or other information on this website.