Finger Training Crimp Set


Four pairs of crimps of multiple thicknesses and different grip surfaces. Arrange them in a custom configuration for personalized hangboard training.

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The Caveman Climbing Finger Training Crimp Set allows you to make your own custom, minimalist hangboard! The result is a simple and very effective finger training board for a small fraction of the price of a typical wood or plastic hangboard.

Four pairs of screw-mount crimp are included to be mounted to a board, wall, or other training area in multiple custom configurations, with crimp thicknesses of 25 mm, 20 mm, 14 mm and 11 mm. Each crimp has a neutral (0 degree) surface, and a -20 degree sloped surface for those who want more of a challenge (rare on typical hangboards!). This range of available grip types is appropriate for those brand new to finger training (neutral 25 and 20 mm grips) all the way to seasoned finger training veterans (the -20 degree sloped 11 mm crimps are no joke!).

Mounting instructions, training recommendations and sample finger training protocols are included. Mounting board is not included.

Dimensions of each crimp: 8 cm L x 4.5 cm W x [varying crimp thickness]. Maple.


Climbing is inherently dangerous and is performed at the climber’s own risk. By purchasing this product you are accepting the terms listed in our Disclaimer.

Dimensions15 × 10 × 5 cm


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